Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mountain Lion

My winter project is completed.  The lion is made from one quarter inch rod.  660 feet.  Appx weight 120 pounds.  A lot of cold days spend outside my comfort zone!! Ha ha.
I made a preview model of the face and teeth out of clay on Christmas Day.  (Family gatherings are also outside my comfort zone!) He was completed the end of March.  If I didn't have to go to work it wouldn't take so long.

Head and mouth finished after preview in clay.

You can see the rod here.  The legs are at different stages.  The legs in the front are close to completion.  One in the back is blocked in and the other one is just bones!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Copper Bird Feeder

This copper bird feeder was recently finished.  It features a round tower with wrapping ivy vines, a bay window and a stone tower on the left side.  This has the same whimsical feel as the birdhouse in the previous post.  Also notice the feeder is being field tested.  Success.
And a view from the back that show the ivy and round stone tower.  The copper ivy is a nice addition with the ivy growing on the oak tree in the background,
A close-up of the round tower and ivy.
For my sculpture friends, here us a picture entitled, How did they do that?  This shows the stones being formed in the flat and the beginning of the window.  This will be hammered and rolled into a round tower and trimmed and brazed to the main structure.
Tim Summerville,  copper sculptor

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Copper Birdhouse


Copper Birdhouse

Here is a recently completed birdhouse.  The base measures 6" x 6" and is 20" tall.  It was formed using no sharp corners.  All the design elements were formed by rolling the edges with a hammer.  This gives the piece a fairytale look similar to one that could be found deep in a dark forest.  Almost no layout lines were drawn and few measurements were used giving this sculpture a dream-like quality. 

This piece of art was made during the coldest part of winter and was a nice way to pass the days.  In  other words, I am caught up in my projects.  This gives me time to experiment.

This copper cottage features a flowering vine that is complete with one of my hummingbirds and a window with diamond grid.


Side View

This view shows the cottage window. This birdhouse will be installed on the front entrance of our house.  I presently have a sculpture of a heron and hawk and this will be a nice addition.


Please Enjoy,

Tim Summerville


Friday, January 3, 2014

Copper Robin Weathervane

Yard Size Weathervane

Here is the beginning of a small size weathervane suitable for a backyard paradise.  The two halves are taking shape with one just a little farther along.
You can see the rough hammer marks necessary to create the shapes.  Extra copper will be trimmed and edges turned inward prior to brazing the body of the robin.


The Finished Vane

A temporary wooden block supports the vane in the picture. 
The robin sits on a natural branch with a vine wrapping around and through the elements of the vane.
This twisted vine has leaves and a freeform shape which adds a whimsical look.
The overall length of this vane is 26" or so I think.  There were no mechanical drawings prior to forming the copper.  This one was a gift so I had complete freedom in the design and I enjoyed starting with an idea of the bird and adding the branch and vines at a whim.
Tim Summerville
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Copper Heron Standing is Finished

I would like to share a picture of the Standing Heron after it was finished and installed by the new owner.

The sculpture seems very much at home overlooking the pond.

During construction a stainless rod was added inside the support leg.  Then a threaded coupling was welded to the end of this rod at the bottom.
For the installation the new owner attached a long threaded rod to the coupling and then this was pushed deep in the ground.  

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Standing Heron

Standing Heron


Standing Heron

I am working the knee of a standing heron.  I thought about making the bent leg in two halves, but decided if I brazed the lower section with the upper section of the leg I would have more control of the pose.  This seems to work nicely.  How about this, a copper heron with an artificial knee.

Close-up of the Knee

Temporary wires hold the pieces in place while adjusting the position of the leg.  This allows me to place the leg in a pose in relationship to the rest of the body.  In the straight leg there is a stainless steel rod that goes through leg and is anchored into the body.  This greatly increases the load bearing qualities of the copper leg.


Tim Summerville,  copper artist



Monday, April 8, 2013

Wild Caught Salmon - Finished

Wild Caught Salmon

Hi, Here are the finished pictures of the recent copper sculpture named "Wild Caught Salmon".  The wingspan is 5 ft. and is really heavy.  It is made from 20 oz copper sheet and is freehand hammered using no forms or purchased patterns.  If the wings were outstretched the measurement would be
6 1/2 ft.  The eagle is bolted to a natural distressed piece of hardwood that has been stained to compliment the copper.


This eagle has just caught his lunch, "wild caught" and has landed on a piece of wood.  The body of this 12" salmon is slumped over and is being dragged over the perch.


It is never finished until you stop and pose for your portrait and this is no exception.
I am including this pic for a sense of scale.  It is easy to say that the sculpture is heavy and is 5 ft wide but this tells the whole story.  Today when I was loading it in my truck someone stopped to get a better look.  Of course this ended with a quick tour and a preview of what is being hammered now.
Tomorrow the sculpture will be on display for our local arts week.


Now you are part of our local arts week.
Thanks Tim Summerville