Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mountain Lion

My winter project is completed.  The lion is made from one quarter inch rod.  660 feet.  Appx weight 120 pounds.  A lot of cold days spend outside my comfort zone!! Ha ha.
I made a preview model of the face and teeth out of clay on Christmas Day.  (Family gatherings are also outside my comfort zone!) He was completed the end of March.  If I didn't have to go to work it wouldn't take so long.

Head and mouth finished after preview in clay.

You can see the rod here.  The legs are at different stages.  The legs in the front are close to completion.  One in the back is blocked in and the other one is just bones!


  1. Sorry Jon I deleted your comment by accident. Thank you for you compliments. To answer your question about bending the the metal rod, I start shaping the rod cold by hammering it against the anvil. Then I position one end and weld it in place and while it is still hot I heat it more and bend the final shape. Its interesting to note when metal is bright red hot it will bend easy and in a tight radius. Finally the end of the rod is then cut to lenght, tapped in position and welded in place.

  2. Also I plan to allow the wild cat to rust naturally outside. My thinking is that the rusty brown will be closer to a wild cats fur. This new process has opened up a new way of thinking about sculpting. Thanks for your interest. Tim

  3. Working new mediums is always enriching ... and thanks for answering my questions!