Friday, January 3, 2014

Copper Robin Weathervane

Yard Size Weathervane

Here is the beginning of a small size weathervane suitable for a backyard paradise.  The two halves are taking shape with one just a little farther along.
You can see the rough hammer marks necessary to create the shapes.  Extra copper will be trimmed and edges turned inward prior to brazing the body of the robin.


The Finished Vane

A temporary wooden block supports the vane in the picture. 
The robin sits on a natural branch with a vine wrapping around and through the elements of the vane.
This twisted vine has leaves and a freeform shape which adds a whimsical look.
The overall length of this vane is 26" or so I think.  There were no mechanical drawings prior to forming the copper.  This one was a gift so I had complete freedom in the design and I enjoyed starting with an idea of the bird and adding the branch and vines at a whim.
Tim Summerville
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