Friday, January 11, 2013

Golden Eagle Finished


Here are the finished photos of the Golden Eagle sculpture mounted on a distressed maple support attached to a base of burl maple.

Please enjoy.
Tim Summerville, copper artist

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Golden Eagle Legs

Copper Eagle with a Clay Leg

To help visualize the beginning of the legs, feet and talons, a quick mock-up was made from clay and stuck to the copper body.  Could this be a new career path-plastic surgery?  Anyway this idea really helps because it forces you to think in completed forms and not just abstract thoughts.

 Mounted on Base

The first leg is centered under the body showing that it is using full strength of the one leg to launch from a twisted position.  Nature is not symmetrical.
I learned a lesson...keep your hands away from the hot flame of the torch and let metal cool before touching.  Yeppp I did that.      Tim Summerville