Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wild Caught Salmon #2

Wild Caught Salmon

There is a current picture of the full-size eagle that I am working on.  This sculpture is 5ft. wide and is quite heavy.  It is made from 20 oz. copper sheet with stainless steel frame inside the body and wings.  This has been considerably more work than I originally thought because the amount of copper sheet multiplies as the size increases.
As I look at this picture, I find plenty of humor.  Here is a "headless" artist that created a "headless" sculpture.  There's hope that soon the eagle will have a head, but not so much hope for the artist.
Who says that art isn't fun.

Close-Up of Eagle's Catch

Introducing Izzy, our Black Laborador dog.  It's hard to get an outdoor picture without her in the picture and this is no exception.  She alway is so interested on what I am doing.  On the right is the eagle's feet.  I especially like how the tail of the salmon is slumped over the mount.


More information as this sculpture is completed.  I have the wooden platform glued-up and ready to be cut into a 24" round base.  I have big hopes for this one.
 Tim Summerville and Izzy the dog

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wild Caught Salmon


Wild Caught Salmon


Hello on a Friday.  This is a quick blog to let you know what is current and still warm.
This is a special Friday edition.
Your boss has CERTIFIED that it is OK to waste work time on Friday afternoon looking at this blog.  Corporate realized that on Friday afternoon you need some personal time that is not listed on your timecard.  Just in case your employer did not get the might want to switch screens if anyone walks by your cubicle.
The full-size eagle is landing on one foot, body centered, talons gripping the wood branch.  The other foot is grasping a 12" salmon while the tail is raking over the branch.  The 12" salmon gives the viewer a sense of scale of this large eagle.  In other words "wow".
 Enjoy your weekend,
Tim Summerville