Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Copper Bird Feeder

This copper bird feeder was recently finished.  It features a round tower with wrapping ivy vines, a bay window and a stone tower on the left side.  This has the same whimsical feel as the birdhouse in the previous post.  Also notice the feeder is being field tested.  Success.
And a view from the back that show the ivy and round stone tower.  The copper ivy is a nice addition with the ivy growing on the oak tree in the background,
A close-up of the round tower and ivy.
For my sculpture friends, here us a picture entitled, How did they do that?  This shows the stones being formed in the flat and the beginning of the window.  This will be hammered and rolled into a round tower and trimmed and brazed to the main structure.
Tim Summerville,  copper sculptor


  1. In an email a couple weeks back your mom mentioned that she put out about 1500 pounds of seed each season. I suspect that all the birds in Illinois have her on their GPS at this point ... really beautiful execution; I'm sure it gets lots of bird face-time under that giant Oak by the pond.

  2. Hi Jon,
    This was a fun project and I wanted to make a totally different look from her other feeders. It holds about 2 gallons of seeds so it is the largest feeder.
    I am happy to write that the large eagle featured on the homepage has been sold. Its new home will be overlooking Lake Springfield. This is my largest sculpture to date.