Sunday, September 8, 2013

Copper Heron Standing is Finished

I would like to share a picture of the Standing Heron after it was finished and installed by the new owner.

The sculpture seems very much at home overlooking the pond.

During construction a stainless rod was added inside the support leg.  Then a threaded coupling was welded to the end of this rod at the bottom.
For the installation the new owner attached a long threaded rod to the coupling and then this was pushed deep in the ground.  

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Standing Heron

Standing Heron


Standing Heron

I am working the knee of a standing heron.  I thought about making the bent leg in two halves, but decided if I brazed the lower section with the upper section of the leg I would have more control of the pose.  This seems to work nicely.  How about this, a copper heron with an artificial knee.

Close-up of the Knee

Temporary wires hold the pieces in place while adjusting the position of the leg.  This allows me to place the leg in a pose in relationship to the rest of the body.  In the straight leg there is a stainless steel rod that goes through leg and is anchored into the body.  This greatly increases the load bearing qualities of the copper leg.


Tim Summerville,  copper artist



Monday, April 8, 2013

Wild Caught Salmon - Finished

Wild Caught Salmon

Hi, Here are the finished pictures of the recent copper sculpture named "Wild Caught Salmon".  The wingspan is 5 ft. and is really heavy.  It is made from 20 oz copper sheet and is freehand hammered using no forms or purchased patterns.  If the wings were outstretched the measurement would be
6 1/2 ft.  The eagle is bolted to a natural distressed piece of hardwood that has been stained to compliment the copper.


This eagle has just caught his lunch, "wild caught" and has landed on a piece of wood.  The body of this 12" salmon is slumped over and is being dragged over the perch.


It is never finished until you stop and pose for your portrait and this is no exception.
I am including this pic for a sense of scale.  It is easy to say that the sculpture is heavy and is 5 ft wide but this tells the whole story.  Today when I was loading it in my truck someone stopped to get a better look.  Of course this ended with a quick tour and a preview of what is being hammered now.
Tomorrow the sculpture will be on display for our local arts week.


Now you are part of our local arts week.
Thanks Tim Summerville

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wild Caught Salmon #2

Wild Caught Salmon

There is a current picture of the full-size eagle that I am working on.  This sculpture is 5ft. wide and is quite heavy.  It is made from 20 oz. copper sheet with stainless steel frame inside the body and wings.  This has been considerably more work than I originally thought because the amount of copper sheet multiplies as the size increases.
As I look at this picture, I find plenty of humor.  Here is a "headless" artist that created a "headless" sculpture.  There's hope that soon the eagle will have a head, but not so much hope for the artist.
Who says that art isn't fun.

Close-Up of Eagle's Catch

Introducing Izzy, our Black Laborador dog.  It's hard to get an outdoor picture without her in the picture and this is no exception.  She alway is so interested on what I am doing.  On the right is the eagle's feet.  I especially like how the tail of the salmon is slumped over the mount.


More information as this sculpture is completed.  I have the wooden platform glued-up and ready to be cut into a 24" round base.  I have big hopes for this one.
 Tim Summerville and Izzy the dog

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wild Caught Salmon


Wild Caught Salmon


Hello on a Friday.  This is a quick blog to let you know what is current and still warm.
This is a special Friday edition.
Your boss has CERTIFIED that it is OK to waste work time on Friday afternoon looking at this blog.  Corporate realized that on Friday afternoon you need some personal time that is not listed on your timecard.  Just in case your employer did not get the might want to switch screens if anyone walks by your cubicle.
The full-size eagle is landing on one foot, body centered, talons gripping the wood branch.  The other foot is grasping a 12" salmon while the tail is raking over the branch.  The 12" salmon gives the viewer a sense of scale of this large eagle.  In other words "wow".
 Enjoy your weekend,
Tim Summerville

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eagle with Mouse

Eagle with Mouse

 This is the last of the eagle series.  This eagle has a 30" wingspan with talons gripping an antler that has been shed and is lying on the forest floor.  Most deer antlers that have been shed provide a meal for small rodents.  A mouse is using the antler as a quick hiding place.  I can only imagine the end to this story.   

A View from Behind



And the Side View

This is a nice picture showing the slowing action of the landing eagle.  The wings form a canopy and act as a brake to slow the eagle for landing.
I have always said, "The act of building something is greater than the ownership of it".  However I not sure now.  I really like this sculpture, but this one too, went to the gallery.

Tim Summerville, copper artist

Friday, February 1, 2013

Copper Eagle with Trout

Copper Eagle with Trout

This is the next in the eagle series.  This features the eagle's first movement of his wings just after catching the trout.  The wingspan of this eagle is 30" and is supported by a heavy walnut base. 


The Set-up

Each toe is made separate and brazed to the leg.  To begin with just a small tack braze holds each one to the leg.  The grip of the talons creates an indentation in the soft flesh of the trout.  The area around the base of the toes will be filled in with copper brazing filler rod.

Close up of the eagle feet during construction

The  leg is cut into strips near the end.  Then the toes are tack brazed to these strips.  The secret of this is to allow the feet to be adjusted and twisted to make a believable sculpture. 
Hopefully this will give some insight on the great mystery of "How". 
Tim Summerville

Friday, January 11, 2013

Golden Eagle Finished


Here are the finished photos of the Golden Eagle sculpture mounted on a distressed maple support attached to a base of burl maple.

Please enjoy.
Tim Summerville, copper artist

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Golden Eagle Legs

Copper Eagle with a Clay Leg

To help visualize the beginning of the legs, feet and talons, a quick mock-up was made from clay and stuck to the copper body.  Could this be a new career path-plastic surgery?  Anyway this idea really helps because it forces you to think in completed forms and not just abstract thoughts.

 Mounted on Base

The first leg is centered under the body showing that it is using full strength of the one leg to launch from a twisted position.  Nature is not symmetrical.
I learned a lesson...keep your hands away from the hot flame of the torch and let metal cool before touching.  Yeppp I did that.      Tim Summerville