Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Start of a Copper Heron

In the previous blogs I featured a heron that was in the process of construction.  Now I have a commission for a similar heron and would like show the beginning of the creative process.

As a general rule the start consist of an oversized piece of annealed 16 oz. copper.  As the work progresses it is easy to determine where to trim and what needs to be formed.  Usually the first half of the body is well refined and this can be used as a guide for the rougher second half of the body.   

The Two Halves of the Heron Body in Progress

This shows the progress of the Heron.  The first half is more refined and is used as a map to guide the shaping of the second half.

When I became intested in copper sculptures I could find little imformation on the subject.  I hope this helps the next artist.  Build Something.  Visit my webpage.