Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Copper Birdhouse


Copper Birdhouse

Here is a recently completed birdhouse.  The base measures 6" x 6" and is 20" tall.  It was formed using no sharp corners.  All the design elements were formed by rolling the edges with a hammer.  This gives the piece a fairytale look similar to one that could be found deep in a dark forest.  Almost no layout lines were drawn and few measurements were used giving this sculpture a dream-like quality. 

This piece of art was made during the coldest part of winter and was a nice way to pass the days.  In  other words, I am caught up in my projects.  This gives me time to experiment.

This copper cottage features a flowering vine that is complete with one of my hummingbirds and a window with diamond grid.


Side View

This view shows the cottage window. This birdhouse will be installed on the front entrance of our house.  I presently have a sculpture of a heron and hawk and this will be a nice addition.


Please Enjoy,

Tim Summerville