Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eagle with Mouse

Eagle with Mouse

 This is the last of the eagle series.  This eagle has a 30" wingspan with talons gripping an antler that has been shed and is lying on the forest floor.  Most deer antlers that have been shed provide a meal for small rodents.  A mouse is using the antler as a quick hiding place.  I can only imagine the end to this story.   

A View from Behind



And the Side View

This is a nice picture showing the slowing action of the landing eagle.  The wings form a canopy and act as a brake to slow the eagle for landing.
I have always said, "The act of building something is greater than the ownership of it".  However I not sure now.  I really like this sculpture, but this one too, went to the gallery.

Tim Summerville, copper artist

Friday, February 1, 2013

Copper Eagle with Trout

Copper Eagle with Trout

This is the next in the eagle series.  This features the eagle's first movement of his wings just after catching the trout.  The wingspan of this eagle is 30" and is supported by a heavy walnut base. 


The Set-up

Each toe is made separate and brazed to the leg.  To begin with just a small tack braze holds each one to the leg.  The grip of the talons creates an indentation in the soft flesh of the trout.  The area around the base of the toes will be filled in with copper brazing filler rod.

Close up of the eagle feet during construction

The  leg is cut into strips near the end.  Then the toes are tack brazed to these strips.  The secret of this is to allow the feet to be adjusted and twisted to make a believable sculpture. 
Hopefully this will give some insight on the great mystery of "How". 
Tim Summerville